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Are Your Photos Lacking Depth? 5 Ways To Remedy This Common Issue

The problem with photos in general comes from the fact that your eyes see things tri-dimensionally, while photography is essentially a two-dimension form of art. Therefore, you should never expect your top end camera to capture an exact replica of the beautiful scenery you’re looking at. To compensate for the different planes and make the picture come to life, photographers add depth to their composition. Even though depth adds dynamism and makes the picture more powerful, shooting a photo with a certain sense of depth and perspective is challenging. But not impossible, as you are about to find out!

Interesting foreground


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Tips For Taking The Perfect Shot At Night Or In Low Light Conditions

Taking photos at night

In the eventuality that you’re thinking of shooting some pictures at night or in low light conditions this winter, then there are some basic settings you must modify first. To be more precise, in order to make sure you capture all the elements in your composition, you need to use a tripod and a cable release, set the ISO to 800 or higher if you camera allows it and maintain the exposure under 20 seconds. It is important to note that even though all of the above are good starting points, you will have to play with the other settings of the camera based on the location-specific lighting conditions. Let’s elaborate.

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5 Great Tips That A Beginner Photographer Must Know

Shooting on a tripod

Thanks to digital photography, you are no longer required to have years of experience in the field in order to take breathtaking photos that you share with your family and friends. While it is easy to blame your current equipment for the images you are not completely satisfied with, the truth is that the camera actually plays a minor part in shooting top-notch photos. Following is a list of guidelines that will improve the quality of your photos without having to spend an arm and a leg for it. Continue reading